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Mothers in today’s world wear many hats and struggle to keep the stress in their lives at manageable levels. Add the delightful but demanding new hat of mother of the bride (MOB) to the roles they are already juggling, and you have a host of middle-aged moms pushed to their limits, in desperate need of an empathetic voice and moments of nourishing relaxation.

While trying to maintain life as they knew it before their daughters' big announcements, MOBs are called upon to magically morph into wedding planners, help their daughters navigate the journey to the altar, and establish new and loving relationships with their prospective sons- in-law and their families. With all focus, financial and otherwise, dedicated to the brides and the weddings themselves, the needs of mothers of the bride are overlooked.

Mother of the Bride will help MOBs step away from the hurried pace of daily life complicated by a demanding new role. It will offer them the refreshment found in discovering community as they take time for themselves—time to be encouraged, to gain helpful insight and practical tips, and to enjoy the feminine beauty of a book designed just for them.

Through essays featuring relevant quotes or Scriptures, personal stories, nuggets of wisdom, simple suggestions for personal pampering, journaling opportunities, communication aids, and practical tips for wedding planning, Mother of the Bride will nurture the all-important but too often neglected mother of the bride.


  • Julie K. Gillies
    "Mother of the Bride: Refreshment and Wisdom for the Mother of the Bride is a lovely friend to accompany you on your journey as the mother of the bride. With wisdom and grace Cheryl shares her experiences as a mom of two married daughters. Her suggestions and ideas help you navigate what is often a stressful time, while her encouragement challenges you to take a deep breath and find joy along the way. The book provides areas to write down memories, dreams, and goals, and so will become a precious memento of your daughter’s special day."
    Julie K. Gillies
    Author of Prayers for a Woman's Soul
  • Mary DeMuth
    "Mother of the Bride is practical and inspirational. It’s like having a friend hold your hand through the pre-marital and wedding process. It’s definitely a perfect gift for any mother-of-the-bride to be!"
    Mary DeMuth
    Author of Worth Living: How God's Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy
  • Jocelyn Green
    "Mother of the Bride certainly lives up to its promise to deliver refreshment and wisdom! With been-there insight, Cheryl Barker comes alongside the reader and walks her through a joy-filled but challenging road with both inspiration and practicality. She is your cheerleader, your counselor, and your reality check when things threaten to spiral out of control. This will be my go-to gift for new mothers of the bride I know!"
    Jocelyn Green
    Co-author of the 5 Love Languages Military Edition
  • C. Hope Clark
    'A simply gorgeous book steeped with beautiful wisdom for that wonderful yet stressful time in a mother's life...preparing for a daughter's wedding. It's soothing yet logical, calming yet organized, written to maintain a steady awareness of self as well as the feelings of the daughter and all those around the two of them. Such a pretty book, too, making it a marvelous gift. I really love it."
    C. Hope Clark
    Author of the Edisto Island Mystery Series

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About Author

Cheryl Barker

Cheryl Barker is a veteran mother of the bride and freelance writer. She’s written for magazines, compilation books, and other publications as well as for Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards, gift books, and calendars. Her heart’s desire is to refresh spirits and nourish souls. She and her husband live in Kansas and delight in spending time with their two adult daughters, sons-in-law, and precious grandchildren. Cheryl loves to take photos, enjoy friends, and indulge in daily doses of chocolate. You can find her online at cherylbarker.net.